Alana Thompson: I Will not Dwell With Mama June Till Geno Doak is GONE


June Shannon and her gross boyfriend Geno Doak had been living in hotels and even a on line casino throughout this newest disaster.

However now, Mama June has returned residence — to an in any other case empty nest.

Her well-known daughter, Alana, is refusing to come back residence. She says she will not return to the home whereas Geno is there.

In August of 2018, Honey Boo Boo turned 13. Wild that she’s a young person, now.

She fled the home after June and Geno’s crack cocaine arrests, however she’s not sufficiently old to stay on her personal.

As an alternative, she’s been residing with Pumpkin, her sister.

That was for one of the best, as a result of June hung out residing in numerous rented rooms with Geno.

However now that she’s come residence, Alana is not budging.

TMZ experiences that Alana Thompson is not going to return to her mom’s residence beneath current circumstances.

She’d prefer to return residence, and she or he loves her mom rather a lot.

However there is a roadblock stopping that candy reunion, and his identify is Geno Doak.

Sources inform TMZ that so long as Geno continues to be hanging across the Shannon residence, Alana would not really feel secure being there.

What Alana would love is for her troubled mom to offer her ineffective dishonest boyfriend the boot — after which take herself to rehab.

There’s extra than simply Geno’s arrest for crack cocaine and home violence that has Alana justifiably involved.

Simply days in the past, all of us noticed that harrowing video during which Geno crashed his car into June’s house and emerged largely bare.

The aftermath was filmed by a neighbor, who noticed June as she tried and didn’t usher Geno into the home.

“Honey Boo Boo’s mama [has] acquired on a rattling see-through robe,” the neighbor’s voice could be heard observing.

Ultimately, June needed to get assist to maneuver her ineffective lump of a boyfriend into the home.

Alana continues to be a minor, and a few followers fear that her boycott will backfire — and that June will simply attempt to pressure her to come back residence.

However TMZ‘s sources inform them that Pumpkin is ready to combat to maintain her sister secure from the chaos, the medication, the drama, and worse.

Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon is reportedly prepared to take her mother to court docket to maintain Alana out of that maelstrom.

She’ll do it even when it means acquiring authorized custody of her personal sister.

The bittersweet information is that June, as of but, hasn’t expressed any actual curiosity in bringing Alana again residence.

Perhaps that is excellent news — that on some stage, June is aware of that Alana is healthier off with Pumpkin than being round Geno (or her, for the time being).

Perhaps it is dangerous information, as a result of June is simply too wrapped up in Geno’s apparently irresistible charms to care about her precise household.

In any case, that weird obsession is what made June refuse to pay attention at her personal intervention.

Her personal daughter begged her to get help out of worry that she would possibly die, however June adamantly refused any inpatient remedy.

Pumpkin needed to clarify to viewers what was stopping June: worry.

June frightened that if she could not watch Geno for each minute, he would cheat on her (some extra), or possibly even depart her.

Clearly, no man who would cheat within the first place is value risking your life simply to oversee, however that is what June is doing.

And it might value her months and even years together with her daughter.

That is an all-around pitiful scenario.

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