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Apna Mart: Unprecedented Growth Amidst Fiscal Challenges


Apna Mart, the emerging retail mart equivalent catering to India’s smaller cities, witnessed a remarkable surge of 770% in its revenue during the fiscal year ending March 2023. This exponential growth, however, was accompanied by substantial expenditure on promotions, manpower, and employee benefits.

Exponential Revenue Surge Amidst Aggressive Expansion

The franchise-driven grocery chain’s revenue skyrocketed from Rs 3.7 crore in FY22 to an impressive Rs 32.2 crore in FY23, as reported in its financial statement filed with the Registrar of Companies. Founded by Chetan Garg and Abhishek Singh in 2021, Apna Mart operates both offline and online platforms, targeting cities like Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Raipur, Dhanbad, and Asansol.

Balancing Growth with Escalating Expenses

Despite the revenue surge, Apna Mart’s bottom line bore the brunt of escalating expenses. The cost of materials surged by 809.9%, constituting 58.6% of total expenses, while employee benefit expenses, including ESOP costs, rose to Rs 9 crore. Consequently, the firm reported a loss of Rs 21.8 crore in FY23, a stark contrast to the Rs 8 lakh profit in FY22.

Funding Prospects Amidst Financial Performance

In light of its financial performance, Apna Mart sought funding, aiming to raise $15-20 million from investors like Accel and Sequoia (now Peak XV Partners). The company has previously raised over $14 million from prominent investors, including Accel Partners and Peak XV Partners, with a valuation standing at Rs 397 crore or $48 million.

Navigating Challenges in the Retail Landscape

With its operational focus primarily in Eastern and Central India, Apna Mart faces scrutiny amidst a landscape marked by historical retail ventures’ failures. The firm’s strategy to overcome margin challenges by prioritizing local brands over national ones reflects a nuanced approach to navigate the competitive market terrain.

In conclusion, while Apna Mart’s growth trajectory is promising, its journey ahead underscores the importance of strategic decision-making and adaptation to regional market dynamics to sustain and thrive in the competitive retail landscape.


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