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Empowering MSMEs Globally: A Comprehensive Look at International Cooperation Scheme

In a bid to fortify the global presence of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), the International Cooperation Scheme has emerged as a pivotal initiative, focusing on two significant sub-components: Marketing Development Assistance (MDA) and Capacity Building of First Time Exporters (CBFTE).

Marketing Development Assistance (MDA)

Under MDA, the scheme supports a spectrum of activities aimed at fostering international collaboration for MSMEs:

i. Global Exhibitions and Meets: Facilitating the participation of MSME delegations in international exhibitions, trade fairs, and buyer-seller meets worldwide, whether in person or through virtual platforms, to explore potential markets, seek joint ventures, and stay abreast of the latest technologies.

ii. Knowledge Sharing: The organization of international conferences, summits, workshops, and seminars in India, both physically and virtually, on themes relevant to MSMEs by industry associations and government organizations.

iii. Promoting Abroad: Hosting mega international exhibitions, fairs, buyer-seller meets, conferences, summits, workshops, and seminars abroad, either solely or in partnership with industry associations, to boost the global profile of the MSME sector.

iv. Ministry-led Delegations: Supporting the participation of Ministry-led industrial delegations to international exhibitions, fairs, and conferences in foreign countries.

Capacity Building ofFirst-Timee Exporters (CBFTE)

Focused on empowering first-time exporters, this sub-component offers financial assistance for various aspects:

i. Reimbursement of Charges: Covering the reimbursement of Registration-cum-Membership Certificate charges and fees paid by first-time MSE exporters for registration with Export Promotion Councils (EPCs).

ii. Export Insurance Premium: Providing reimbursement for the export insurance premium paid by MSEs.

iii. Quality Certification Support: Encouraging MSEs to adhere to international standards by reimbursing fees paid for testing and quality certification.

Nature of Assistance:

The scheme provides financial assistance on a reimbursement basis, encompassing airfare, space rent, freight charges, advertisement, publicity charges, entry/registration fees, and export insurance premiums.

Who Can Apply:

Government institutions, registered industry associations, and export promotion councils associated with the promotion and development of the MSME sector are eligible to apply.

How to Apply:

Interested entities can submit their applications for financial assistance through the IC Scheme portal at https://ic.msme.gov.in.

For detailed guidelines and support, applicants can refer to the scheme guidelines available in English on the official website.

FAQs and Contact Information:

For frequently asked questions regarding the Capacity Building of First Time Exporters component, applicants can visit the scheme portal. Additionally, queries can be directed to the Under Secretary (IC) at the Ministry of MSME, reachable at 011-23063219 or via email at neelam.sharma25@nic.in.

In parallel, the Procurement and Marketing Support Scheme (P&MS) complements these efforts, focusing on domestic market development, facilitating market linkages, and educating MSMEs on various facets of business development. Individual manufacturing and service MSEs can apply online to avail themselves of the benefits offered under P&MS, creating a holistic support structure for MSMEs to thrive on both domestic and international fronts.