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From Small Town to Global Impact: The Inspiring Journey of Sirohi


In the tier 3 city of Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, Gauri Mallik saw beyond the surface. Despite its conservative and unorganized nature, she envisioned an artisan’s haven nestled within its streets.

Birth of Sirohi: Empowering Women Artisans

In 2019, Gauri Mallik laid the foundation of Sirohi, driven by a mission to uplift women artisans blessed with innate craft skills. With just one woman artisan, Gauhar Fatima, the journey began, marking a significant step towards social change.

Reviving Rich Heritage

Gauri Mallik utilized her craftsmanship not just to create exquisite products but also to transform lives, infusing the essence of India’s rich heritage and functional utility into every creation.

“Sirohi” became synonymous with social change, starting its journey in the village of Sirohi, Haryana, under Gauri Mallik’s visionary leadership.

Bridging Distances with Technology

Today, Sirohi stands as a pillar of support for 1500 artisans hailing from five different states across India. Leveraging technology, they seamlessly communicate designs to artisans, empowering them to create artisanal masterpieces from the comfort of their homes.

Handcrafting Sustainability

Over the past five years, Sirohi has handcrafted over 50,000 sustainable handicraft products, providing a sustainable source of income to nearly 750 artisans in Muzaffarnagar and touching the lives of 5000 individuals.

Championing Environmental Responsibility

In their pursuit of excellence, Sirohi has successfully diverted a staggering 3000,000 kgs of textile and plastic waste away from landfills, embodying their commitment to environmental sustainability.

A Tapestry of Women’s Empowerment

Sirohi proudly represents women from diverse backgrounds, including Mrs. Niti Agrawal, Gauri Mallik’s mother, who, at the age of 62, plays a pivotal role as the backbone of Sirohi’s operations.

Fostering Confidence and Growth

As the Sirohi brand flourishes, women artisans across the globe are empowered to embrace confidence and live their best lives, thanks to Gauri Mallik’s unwavering commitment to their cause.

Team Growth and Diversification

With each passing day, Sirohi’s team continues to grow and diversify, fueled by their passion for empowering artisans and promoting sustainable craftsmanship.

Diverse Product Range for Global Consumers

Today, Sirohi boasts a diverse range of 350 products, catering to consumers worldwide and spreading the message of sustainability and empowerment far and wide.

From its humble beginnings in Muzaffarnagar to its global impact, Sirohi’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, craftsmanship, and social change. Join us in celebrating this extraordinary tale of resilience, creativity, and empowerment.


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