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Join Sudhanshu and Priya Tyagi on an adventure as they create success with Tied Ribbons


Join Sudhanshu and Priya Tyagi, co-founders and visionaries of Tied Ribbons, on an inspiring adventure through imagination and collaboration in online shopping. Discover how their passion and determination have propelled Tied Ribbons to new heights of success while serving as a source of motivation for innovative thinking all along their journey.

Discover the joy of teamwork driven by passion, commitment and purpose with Sudhanshu and Priya Tyagi leading the charge as co-founders, visionaries and founders. Together on an incredible journey together to transform online shopping.

Watch Tied Ribbons go from simple concept to an outlet of innovation and creativity under Sudhanshu and Priya’s dedication, creating something which truly represents their beliefs and values.

Together, Sudhanshu and Priya have set themselves apart by breaking through barriers and pushing limits in the world of e-commerce. Through their creativity and dedication to making Tied Ribbons one of the best brands available today, Sudhanshu and Priya have transformed Tied Ribbons into an inspirational force, encouraging others to dream big and pursue their goals with gusto.

Beginning your exciting adventure with Sudhanshu Priya Tyagi and Tied Ribbons as your guide, discover the power of teamwork enthusiasm passion and common goal driven towards realisation. Tied Ribbons provides endless opportunities for creativity and ingenuity within digital environments.

Tied Ribbons’ story is one of creativity, collaboration and love. Led by two passionate entrepreneurs with an admiration for their work – Tied Ribbons is an inspirational example of the transformative potential of entrepreneurialism when done so with passion.

Sudhanshu and Priya, co-founders of Tied Ribbons, are known for incorporating connection and compassion into everything they do. Their journey began with an idea to provide an environment in which creativity flourished while relationships flourished and unforgettable moments were treasured.

Sudhanshu Tyagi, Director and Founder of Tied Ribbons, brings 15 years of experience to Tied Ribbons as its Director and founder. Drawing upon his education background of Computer Science Engineering and MBA studies at SPJAIN College of Management, Sudhanshu’s story showcases his unwavering dedication to creativity and craft, with Tied Ribbons’ identity being defined by design, branding development and fashion as its main components – celebrating diversity, beauty and authenticity through Tied Ribbons as its flagship brand identity.

Priya Tyagi, Sudhanshu’s life and business partner, offers essential assistance through her strategic vision and unwavering dedication. Priya has over 10 years of experience within India as well as ventures in countries like the US, UK, UAE and Europe. Under Priya’s direction Tied Ribbons has achieved unparalleled success due to her ability to bridge cultures, excel with perseverance and determination and fulfill social responsibilities across different projects across multiple locations globally.

Sudhanshu and Priya have created something more than a simple business – they have built an entire community with shared values, hopes, and objectives. Tied Ribbons’ mission of positively contributing to society through making relationships between people, as well as inspiring each individual towards finding happiness is at the heart of everything they do.

Tied Ribbons continues to measure success of every product it designs and story it tells in terms of revenues and compliments, but also by positively affecting lives around the globe and spreading smiles across many.

Join Sudhanshu and Priya as they embark on an exciting adventure as they weave creativity, cooperation, and compassion into each ribbon they tie!

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