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Revolutionizing SME Financing: DigiAlly’s Trust-Based Approach to Embedded Finance


In the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology, DigiAlly emerges as a beacon of innovation, pioneering a ground breaking Trust-Based Embedded Finance platform. Headquartered in the vibrant city-state of Singapore, DigiAlly is on a mission to redefine SME lending by fostering what it terms as “Frictionless Credit”. Led by a team of seasoned professionals including Shrikant Patil, the dynamic CEO and MD, Pranav Shirke, the astute Chief Revenue Officer, Aditya Nathany, the visionary Chief CE & Research, Shobhit Goel, the driving force behind Data Science, and Khushboo Alvi, a talented Data Scientist, DigiAlly embodies a blend of expertise and innovation poised to reshape the future of SME financing.

Unveiling DigiAlly’s Trust-Based Embedded Finance Platform

At the core of DigiAlly’s mission lies the creation of an AI-powered Trust Score, a comprehensive evaluation metric that transcends conventional credit assessments. This Trust Score is meticulously crafted by analyzing over 150 data points, encompassing financial, non-financial, and business model data. It serves as a holistic health check for SMEs, proactively addressing operational, market, and credit risks in real-time. By leveraging advanced predictive modeling techniques, DigiAlly empowers financial institutions to make faster, cheaper, and more informed lending decisions, thus ushering in a new era of SME financing.

The Power of Trust Score Integration

DigiAlly’s platform seamlessly integrates with partner marketplaces and digital ecosystems, facilitating a seamless journey for SMEs seeking capital. Through API integration, DigiAlly enables partner platforms to leverage its Trust Score, thereby streamlining the onboarding process and matching SMEs with tailored financial solutions. This symbiotic relationship not only enhances the efficiency of lending processes but also fosters greater inclusivity by expanding access to credit for SMEs across diverse sectors and geographies.

Empowering SMEs with Comprehensive Solutions

DigiAlly’s product suite is designed to address the multifaceted needs of SMEs throughout their financial journey:

  1. SME Due Diligence and Rating: Leveraging AI-driven algorithms, DigiAlly conducts a thorough assessment of SMEs during the onboarding phase, generating a Trust Score that serves as a verifiable, portable, and self-controlled indicator of creditworthiness. This streamlined process minimizes inefficiencies in loan processing and enhances transparency for both SMEs and financial institutions.
  2. Continuous Portfolio Monitoring: DigiAlly offers real-time portfolio monitoring services, providing financial institutions with actionable insights into the overall health and potential of SMEs. By conducting routine assessments, DigiAlly ensures ongoing relevance and competitiveness in dynamic market environments, thereby mitigating risks and optimizing lending strategies.
  3. SME Evaluation: DigiAlly’s holistic evaluation framework goes beyond traditional credit assessments, encompassing operational and market risks in addition to credit risk. By collaborating with lending institutions, DigiAlly enables them to gain a comprehensive understanding of SMEs across the entire lifecycle, incorporating factors such as company summary details, business models, Trust Scores, and social media analytics.

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of DigiAlly

DigiAlly distinguishes itself through its innovative approach to risk assessment, prioritizing non-financial parameters and adopting a forward-looking perspective. Unlike traditional credit models that rely solely on historical credit records, DigiAlly’s Trust Score offers a futuristic outlook, providing insights into both the ability and intent of borrowers to repay. By recognizing the evolving significance of non-financial metrics, DigiAlly empowers financial institutions to make more accurate and inclusive lending decisions, thereby fostering sustainable growth for SMEs.

Driving Outcomes for Financial Institutions

The adoption of DigiAlly’s solutions yields tangible benefits for financial institutions:

  • Curated SMEs: DigiAlly enables financial institutions to identify and engage with curated SMEs based on predefined risk filters and lending criteria, thereby optimizing portfolio quality and performance.
  • Expansion in SME Loan Portfolios: By leveraging DigiAlly’s Trust Score, financial institutions can expand their SME loan portfolios with confidence, accessing a broader pool of eligible borrowers and diversifying risk.
  • Global Lending Parameters: DigiAlly’s platform offers customizable global lending parameters, enabling financial institutions to tailor their lending strategies to specific market dynamics and regulatory environments.

Success Stories and Recognition

DigiAlly’s impact is underscored by its achievements and accolades:

  • Mastercard Start Path Program: In 2023, DigiAlly was selected as one of the top five companies from a pool of approximately 2,000 worldwide participants in the Mastercard Start Path program, highlighting its innovative approach to SME financing.
  • Singapore Management University: DigiAlly graduated from the Singapore Management University’s Business Innovations Generator Program under the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, further validating its disruptive business model.
  • Awards and Recognition: DigiAlly has been recognized for its innovation and excellence, receiving awards such as the most innovative award at CONNECT and India’s Innovative Product Award at Technoviti. Additionally, DigiAlly has been selected as a finalist at prestigious events like the Singapore India Hackathon, further cementing its position as a leader in fintech innovation.

Key Partnerships Driving Growth

Collaborations with industry leaders such as Mastercard and strategic partnerships with platforms like Zyapaar and RupeeBoss amplify DigiAlly’s impact and reach. Through its partnership with Mastercard, DigiAlly aims to empower SMEs across the Asia Pacific region with access to vital credit resources, driving economic growth and prosperity.

In conclusion, DigiAlly’s Trust-Based Embedded Finance platform represents a paradigm shift in SME financing, epitomizing innovation, trust, and inclusivity. With its AI-driven solutions and strategic partnerships, DigiAlly is poised to unlock new opportunities and drive sustainable growth for SMEs and financial institutions alike, thereby shaping the future of finance in the digital age.

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