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Walmart Empowers Indian Sellers with Dedicated Page on US Marketplace Walmart.com


Walmart, the global retail giant, has introduced a dedicated page on its US marketplace, Walmart.com, exclusively for Indian sellers. This strategic move aims to streamline the onboarding process for Indian businesses and provide them with a platform to showcase their products to a global audience.

1. Simplified Registration Process: Indian sellers can now create an account on Walmart.com using their Indian documents, eliminating the need for a US tax ID. Additionally, they have the convenience of receiving payouts in Indian currency directly to their Indian bank accounts.

2. Unveiling Opportunities for Indian Sellers: The launch of the dedicated page coincides with Walmart’s Global Seller Meet held in Jaipur, signaling the retailer’s commitment to supporting Indian sellers. Through regional events and insights into consumer and category trends, Walmart aims to empower Indian businesses to thrive on its marketplace.

3. Unlocking Indian Potential: Walmart Marketplace has been open to Indian sellers since 2021, offering a diverse range of products sourced from India. With tens of thousands of SKUs available, Walmart is committed to unlocking the potential of Indian businesses and facilitating their access to global customers.

4. Streamlined Onboarding and Support: Michelle Mi, Vice President of Emerging Markets and Business Development at Walmart, emphasized the company’s dedication to Indian sellers. Through dedicated onboarding support and expertise in global supply chains, Walmart aims to equip Indian sellers with the necessary tools to succeed in the US marketplace.

5. Transparent Fee Structure and Qualifications: Walmart Marketplace does not impose monthly fees or setup costs for new sellers. Additionally, the platform offers a savings program where sellers can benefit from reduced referral and fulfillment services fees. Indian sellers need to meet specific qualifications and provide supporting documents to start selling on Walmart.com.

Conclusion: With the introduction of the dedicated page and ongoing support initiatives, Walmart is paving the way for Indian sellers to expand their reach and tap into the lucrative US market. By fostering a conducive environment for e-commerce growth, Walmart reaffirms its commitment to driving economic empowerment and fostering global trade partnerships.


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