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UClean: Redefining Laundry Care


Meet the Visionaries behind UClean

Arunabh Sinha: The Laundry Man of India

Arunabh Sinha, an IIT Bombay graduate, embarked on a journey to revolutionize the laundry industry in India when he founded UClean in October 2016. His vision was to introduce laundromats and organize the highly unorganized laundry segment in the country. Arunabh’s bold move earned him the prestigious “Entrepreneur 35 Under 35” award from Entrepreneur Magazine, recognizing his innovative approach to business. With expertise in franchising and a dedication to growth, Arunabh has propelled UClean to become India’s largest laundry chain.

Gunjan Taneja: The Woman Behind the Laundry Man

Gunjan Taneja, armed with a background in economics and marketing, joined forces with Arunabh to bring UClean’s vision to life. Her wealth of knowledge and experience has been instrumental in spearheading branding, marketing, and product development initiatives at UClean. Gunjan’s curiosity and passion for innovation drive the company’s success, as she continuously seeks new ways to enhance the customer experience and expand UClean’s reach.

Experience Unmatched Convenience with UClean

Are you tired of spending countless hours on laundry? UClean understands the struggle. The average person devotes approximately 12,000 hours of their adult life to cleaning and managing clothes. Yet, achieving that elusive pristine look remains a challenge. But what if maintaining white clothes could be as easy as watching those detergent commercials? With UClean, it is possible!

Quality, Transparency, and Speed: Our Core Values

At UClean, they are committed to bringing you the best-in-class laundry, dry cleaning, and home cleaning services right at your doorstep. Their extensive network of over 300+ mini laundromats across 85+ cities makes us the largest laundry and dry-cleaning chain in India. Uclean’s goal is simple: to provide you with live laundry, steam ironing, and dry-cleaning services with free home pick-up and drop-off, all within a promise to deliver your clothes in less than 24 hours*.

The UClean Laundry Process: A Closer Look

UClean’s laundry process begins with meticulous sorting based on color, material, and texture. Clothes undergo special treatments like enzyme soaks for extra soiling and oil stains. High-quality detergents and freshwater rinses ensure thorough cleaning, followed by air-drying in UV-safe stainless-steel dryers. They prioritize safety and hygiene by steam ironing clothes for that perfect finishing touch.

Affordable, Skin-Friendly, and Environmentally Conscious

At UClean, they make laundry affordable by charging per kilo, not per piece. Their monthly package pricing saves you both time and money compared to home laundry. Plus, their services are skin-friendly, use less water, and promote UV-safe air drying to protect your clothes and the environment.

Discover Our Range of Services

From dry cleaning and laundry by kilo to premium laundry, steam ironing, shoe cleaning, and more, UClean offers a comprehensive suite of cleaning services to meet all your needs.

Conclusion: Embrace the UClean Difference

As individuals delve deeper into the world of UClean, they are amazed by the breadth of services offered. From traditional dry cleaning and laundry by kilo to premium laundry services, steam ironing, shoe cleaning, and beyond, UClean truly caters to every aspect of garment care. Say goodbye to laundry woes forever and embrace a new era of convenience and quality with UClean.

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